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Clean Room Turnkey Projects

The company has inched towards the goal of building Clean Room Turnkey Projects of varying sizes and complexities. Thousands of pharmaceutical companies and medical labs are benefitted with our Clean Room Turnkey solutions. We take total responsibility from conceptual planning right through to commissioning, qualification and validation. We conceptualize, design, construct and commission positive pressure cleanrooms and negative pressure cleanrooms. We take responsibility of installing heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. We have successfully handled thousands of Clean Room Turnkey Projects yet.

Positive air pressure cleanrooms systems are normally used for Electronics, Aerospace, Optics, Military and Defense applications, and Research, etc., where the air escaping from doors, ceilings, or walls, due to the positive air pressure, is not hazardous and not creating safety or health concerns. The amount of particulate cleanliness required determines the design concept, amount of air filtration, CFM (cubic feet per minute) and total HVAC.

Negative air pressure cleanrooms are used for hazardous manufacturing processes using corrosive, flammable and/or potentially explosive chemicals. Negative air pressure cleanrooms are also used for BSL level P - 2, P - 3, and P - 4 Bio-Safety cleanrooms for production and medical research.

Negative Air Pressure Cleanrooms - Hazardous Process and "Explosion Proof " Facilities : Some cleanrooms are required to be operated at negative air pressure for hazardous processes using chemicals, flammable and potentially explosive liquids and powders, to prevent these chemical or powders from escaping into the surrounding space.

Modular BSL P-2 - General Clean Laboratories : BSL P-2 clean labs. normally operate at marginal cleanliness levels with slight negative air pressure.

Modular BSL P-3 - Bio-Hazard / Containment Clean Laboratories : BSL P-3 bio-hazard containment labs. operate at various cleanliness levels with 100% once-through air pass, with specific negative air pressure levels with automatic pressure control and 100% exhaust through a HEPA filter system.

Portable BSL P-2 and P-3 Containerized Portable Clean Laboratories : Level BSL P-2 and P-3 Clean Labs. are also manufactured in portable, heavy duty sea containers for deployment world wide.


Mobile (truck mounted) BSL P-2 and P-3 Clean Laboratories : Level BSL P-2 & P-3 clean labs. are manufactured using various sizes of standard truck bodies and mounted directly on the truck chassis for "drive-anywhere” capability.


Details :

  • Advantage : Cost and time savings, less burden on your internal staff, minimization of overlapping operations.
  • Short : Professional management of your project is of great importance to us.